Aee Level's Rates. Big butt & big boob escort in Bangkok

Aee's Rates

Booking Requests for today will be accepted until: 22:00 (10:00 pm)

Payment: Cash on arrival accepted. Bank transfer, Bitcoins, and other options are all accepted if arranged and paid in advance. Otherwise, full payment in cash is due within 10-15 minutes of meetings.

Tips are not expected and will never be asked for.

Extras: ALL the services listed as approved on my Services page are included with the rate unless clearly stated otherwise. No surprise fees. For Male-Female couples wanting to book me, just add 2,000 baht to the my rate below.

Best Rate Guarantee: This is my one and only Official site and as such you will find my rates listed here lower than anywhere else. If you find me listed at any other site for less, I will match that price and take off an additional 500 baht. To claim this offer, just complete my booking form as normal and select my listed rates as you normally would do since my form will require that and I"ll know exactly how long you want to book me for. Then in the Message field, make sure to include the exact URL of where you saw me listed lower and if it"s a real ad, I"ll match the rate plus 500 baht less. You can also email me a screen capture if unable to provide a URL, but a URL is best. Warning: It must be a real ad, and must be me. I also must be able to verify this easily by loading the exact URL you provide or a detailed and recent screen capture.

No Discounts: Rates listed below are the best rates approved by me for new clients. Please DO NOT ask for discounts if you are a new client. I never negotiate rates with new clients as it wouldn't be fair for others who pay my full rates. This is so annoying that I will add 500 baht extra to my rates each time you ask for a discount.

Transportation fees: No transportation costs expected if we are meeting in Bangkok. If you require me to travel to another town to meet you then actual transportation charges will be required and depending upon how far this amount might be required to be paid in advance.

Estimated Transportation Costs:
Description: 0 up to 90 minutes
Rate Baht: ฿7,000

Description: 0 up to 2 hours
Rate Baht: ฿8,000

Description: Up to 4 hours
Rate Baht: ฿9,000

Description: Up to 12 hours
Rate Baht: ฿12,000

Description: Up to 24 hours
Rate Baht: ฿15,000

Description: Day 2
Rate Baht: ฿15,000

TOTAL Rate Baht: ฿15,000 + ฿15,000 = ฿30,000

Description: Day 3
Rate Baht: ฿14,000

TOTAL Rate Baht: ฿15,000 + ฿15,000 + ฿14,000 = ฿44,000

Description: Day 4
Rate Baht: ฿13,000

TOTAL Rate Baht: ฿15,000 + ฿15,000 + ฿14,000 + ฿13,000 = ฿57,000

Description: Day 5
Rate Baht: ฿12,000

TOTAL Rate Baht: ฿15,000 + ฿15,000 + ฿14,000 + ฿13,000 + ฿12,000 = ฿69,000

Description: Day 6
Rate Baht: ฿11,000

TOTAL Rate Baht: ฿15,000 + ฿15,000 + ฿14,000 + ฿13,000 + ฿12,000 + ฿11,000 = ฿80,000

Description: Day 7
Rate Baht: ฿10,000

TOTAL Rate Baht: ฿15,000 + ฿15,000 + ฿14,000 + ฿13,000 + ฿12,000 + ฿11,000 + ฿10,000 = ฿90,000 and add ฿10,000 each day after.

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